Funding awarded for Woodside Community Garden

We got some good news recently in regard to a funding application to support purchase of a container for the Woodside Community Garden, which is one of our major community projects. Unfortunately, it wasn’t sufficient to enable the purchase. Check out the full story on the garden site…

Lights installed in Riverpark Reserve

Updated 15 Jan 2013

We are delighted that new lights have finally been installed along the path which runs between Woodside Road and Bittern Place. The lights have taken 2 years to arrive but are now brightly illuminating the park at night. The downside is that they only seem to be on for about one hour from 8:30am -9:30pm, which was a bit puzzling. We thought that they were supposed to be on all night so contacted Auckland Council to find out why the time was  so restricted.

Our contact person Mark Miller, who has been assisting us with our other lighting initiative, has told us that 9.30pm is the standard cut off time for walkway lighting in parks but that he is intending to discuss general lighting issues with other council staff in the near future.

In his email to us, Mark notes the reasons for the policy. Most commuters will be home from work by 9:30pm so won’t be crossing the park after that time. There are also safety concerns. If public parks have lighting throughout the night, it creates a false sense of safety/security and the council doesn’t want to encourage people to use/visit parks later at night, when it may not be safe to do so even given the lighting.

He also mentioned environmental/sustainability concerns such as cost/energy consumption, (who wants to pay  more rates?!) and resource consent implications such as when lights are on the boundary of a site or close to residential housing.

Now that these lights have been installed, we see a need for one additional light for the path which leads directly through the park to Universal Drive, where there is a bus stop. We have put in a request for this to be considered by council.

Although our original submission to the Massey Community Board in 2010 was in regard to lights for the Woodside/Sunline footbridge (see story – “Let there be light“), we are still very pleased to see this improvement to our local reserve.

We continue to communicate with Auckland Council with regard to lighting for the footbridge which runs between Woodside Reserve and Sunline Avenue. The council has already improved visibility by cutting back some of the vegetation and there is a commitment to install the lighting in 2013. We hope that this will improve safety for those who use the bridge particularly at night.

New light adjacent to path

New light adjacent to path