Who stole the green fencing?!

Early on the morning of Sunday 3 February, someone dismantled and removed the green fencing from the edge of the stream adjacent to the footbridge to Riverpark Reserve at the end of Woodside Road, Massey. The fence was there to create a safe barrier for children from going down to the creek. The thieves couldn’t take the poles as they were concreted into the ground and they left one fence panel behind. We think they were interrupted by someone passing by or perhaps they became concerned when a nearby resident’s security light came on. The theft was reported to the council and we hope that a temporary safety barrier will be installed soon.

It’s possible that the fencing has gone to a scrap metal merchant but it might also be being installed as a fence somewhere! Keep your eyes open.

Thefts of this kind impact on our community. The removal of this barrier will encourage children to climb down the bank and walk down to the Huruhuru Creek.

These thefts also cost our community money. When people steal “from the council”, they are actually stealing from all of us whether you are a ratepayer or a person renting a property. Either way, the funds for replacement of such items come from rates so more thefts mean higher rates and these increased costs have to be passed on by landlords to tenants as well.

If you have seen this fencing anywhere, please let the council and/or police know. If you don’t want to report it yourself, please let us know by emailing us or putting a comment under this story.