Container funding saga for Woodside Community Garden continues…

We recently submitted a funding application to Massey Matters in an attempt to get the shortfall of the funds we need to purchase a 10 foot container. We previously received $1000 from Auckland Council in early 2012 and $750 from the Henderson-Massey Local Board in 2013 from 2 separate applications. However, we still need approximately $1800 to cover the cost of the container and delivery to our site (including GST). This is just for a very basic container, i.e. no windows, etc. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we are awarded the necessary funds.

In the meantime, we are going to move the water tank and get the water pump we need so that we will be prepared for next summer. We also need to build a support for the water tank. Auckland Council has requested that we provide a platform rather than just putting it on pallets as it is currently. We will be using concrete blocks, treated timber and plywood to create the platform. Unfortunately, this is going to cost a bit more than we thought so if anyone has any materials they can offer us, please let us know by email at or by posting a comment.

Updated garden plan including container

Garden plan showing updated location for water tank, existing shed and position for proposed container