Fruit trees get a funding boost

We were delighted to be awarded $500 by the Henderson-Massey Local Board after applying for funding to support the Keep Waitakere Beautiful fruit trees that were planted adjacent to the Woodside Community Garden in 2011. Most of the trees have survived though there have been a few casualties. Two of the avocado trees and one banana palm succumbed to the frosty weather that we get sometimes and several of the feijoa trees and one plum tree were annihilated by the lawn mowing team.

The document attached Woodside Res 1 Final is the original council plan. We’ve added a few Abyssinian banana palms to the mix.

However, we’ve recently agreed a plan with Huw Hill-Male from Parks West. He has suggested allowing grass to grow between the trees and encouraging beneficial plants to flourish which will have the effect of encouraging our beneficial insects, providing important trace elements to the soil and preventing further damage to the trees. We expect that it will also look very attractive, which will be an added bonus.

So, thank you Henderson-Massey Local Board for the funding.


Check out the garden site for more news on this…


Keep Waitakere Beautiful Fruit Trees – Woodside Reserve – planted in 2011