Neighbours Event – Saturday 1 April – 11am -1pm

We were fortunate to be awarded $200 by the Henderson-Massey Local Board after applying recently for support for a Neighbours Day event. There were so many things happening on the official weekend (25-26 March) that we have decided to postpone our event to the following Saturday. We will be having games, colouring-in and painting for the kids. We also plan to plant some seeds and seedlings in the garden. All welcome!

working beeFree gardening tool kit for the first 30 children who come along. See our model Lois below wearing one…


Update on Trees for Babies orchard

We recently completed the first stage of our project for the Trees for Babies orchard. Having received funding of $500 after applying to the Henderson-Massey Local Board last year, we managed to achieve our aims for the project and have submitted our report. Every tree in the orchard was weeded around and one bag of compost applied. Coffee sacks (thanks Altura Coffee Company!) were then tethered on top of the mulch with weed mat pins after which mulch (supplied through Auckland Council) was applied. The slide-show below demonstrates the process.

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We planted beneficial herbs such as comfrey, lavender, etc. into the corners of the mulch islands but we now need to redo this as the grass has taken over again. We’ve also put the pH meter which we bought with our funding into use for the first time.

More planting will be done over autumn and winter and one of our volunteers, Mark, recently tidied up the grass in between the trees as the paspalum had started to take over. The trees have been flourishing and all have had fruit this season.


The fig trees had quite a few figs but they were slow to ripen this year and the birds managed to take a few bites before we could get to them. Currently, the citrus have plenty of fruit but we’re a bit worried about whether it will survive on the trees long enough to ripen!

The pumpkin and courgette plants have survived well in their tyres and have all been productive although the pumpkins have suffered a little since the grass was mowed as they no longer have any shade. We’re also wondering if they are now a little too exposed so may plant them elsewhere next season.

See below for views of the orchard from March 2017. Don’t worry about the brown appearance of the grass – that’s just the grass that was cut and has dried on the surface!

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