Riverpark Reserve playground – consultation onsite postponed

We chased up Auckland Council for information and finally heard back last Thursday that they haven’t completed preparation of the survey yet so there won’t be any consultation onsite this coming Thursday (23 August). Not sure what is causing the delay.

We have requested information on whether the survey will be available online or by hard copy and apparently that decision hasn’t yet been made…

Riverpark Reserve playground update

Update to this story here…

Great news! Consultation is about to begin for the proposed playground upgrade. Lucy from Auckland Council is finalising the survey which will be distributed to local residents. There will also be an opportunity to provide feedback onsite on Thursday 30 August from 2pm -4pm. The survey includes a question on fitness stations. Now it’s time for our community to say what they want.

In other news, the Lincoln Scout Hall is scheduled to be moved to Waimauku at the end of this year. We’re not sure if the playground upgrade will be making use of any of this space but are glad that there is finally some action being taken. It’s sad to see it go but it’s been even sadder to see it sitting neglected for so long.