Riverpark Reserve playground upgrade

Riverpark Plan - Updated Fitness Stations-1

We have an update on the playground upgrade. The landscaping should be starting next week (mid-May) and the play equipment (including a flying fox) is due to be installed in the first week of June. We are now allowed to share with you the final plan for the upgrade – shown above. We are so excited that it is finally happening. Let’s hope the weather stays fine so everything can go ahead as planned.

Please note that there may still be some changes to the design.


Great news about the playground upgrade. The Henderson-Massey Local Board has approved the budget and the concept plan has already been created. The theme and colour scheme is intended to reflect the location as a foreshore reserve. The design hasn’t yet been finalised but we hope to see the final plan soon and if permitted, we will upload it here soon. There was a great response to the survey and this feedback has been used to inform the plan for the playground. Strong support was expressed for fitness stations.

Greer Clark has taken over from Lucy Ullrich as project manager as the project is now in its delivery phase. Greer has advised us that they are looking to install the playground equipment in May, a bit later than the March date we were hoping for but at least it’s happening. Apparently, it takes a while to deliver. The colour scheme for the equipment is blue and lime green.

Consultation survey report from Auckland Council

See the backstory to this project

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