Riverpark Reserve playground – it’s happening!


The physical works for the playground are progessing well now that the drainage work has been completed. We’ve been impressed to see people working even on Queen’s Birthday when the weather was very poor. It was great to see the play equipment installed and will be even more exciting when the swings are attached. The contractors are doing their best to look after the grass as instructed by Auckland Council.

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Greer, our contact at Auckland Council, tells us that the flying fox is very quick to install (one day) so we’re looking forward to seeing that going in. They had to shave a little soil off where this is going to be located and we can’t yet see where it’s going to end but from the plans, it was very close to the playground.


The spaces for the fitness stations and the seating are currently just designated by the orange mesh fencing but will be installed soon.


Drainage costs for this project are very high and we’ve been interested to see that being done. Lots of hosing and a digger was required…


The digger!


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9 July 2019 update

The fitness stations have now been installed so things are going well. Members of our group have already tested them out so you can blame us for the dirty footprints. These fitness stations were funded by The Trusts Community Foundation through a successful grant application by The Lions Club Henderson-West Auckland. Our group worked in partnership with the Lions on this proposal for the benefit of our community.