Playground closed – COVID-19


Now that we are at Level 4, all playgrounds are closed including the one at Riverpark Reserve because the COVID-19 virus can remain on surfaces for up to 72 hours. We know that this will be a huge blow to the kids in our area but it’s absolutely vital that they do not use the play equipment during the lockdown period. The fitness stations and flying fox are also out of bounds and no one should be sitting on the seats either.

Auckland Council provided only one sign (see photo above) and we saw that children were still playing on the equipment after installation last Wednesday. So, we decided to create a few more signs so that it was clearer that the playground was closed. Olga did a fantastic job of including the Unite against COVID-19 logo on the sign and we used a large X to make it even clearer.


We hope that the additional signs will help to warn people who have not heard about the playgrounds being closed.

One of our garden volunteers and neighbour Gilles, had a small amount of “Danger” tape so he donated this to us so that we could put it around the flying fox seat.


We also put tape around the fitness stations. If anyone has more tape similar to this, please feel free to add more… We didn’t have enough to put any more.

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